About Us

Vijson Films was established in 2006 with a vision to produce meaningful and entertaining films, to make a mark in the industry as well as with the audiences. Brothers, Santosh Singh and Ashutosh Singh, both had a very keen interest towards performing arts from a very young age. This led them to their vision of having their own name in the industry and thereby they came up with their own production house in Mumbai named 'Vijson Films'.

Ashutosh Singh is also interested in Acting field, all the films which are Produced by Vijson Films Starring Ajay Dixit is none other than Ashutosh Singh Himself.

They have been constantly trying to give the audience the best by producing Entertaining & meaningful concepts to keep a mark in the industry as well as in the hearts of the audience. The scenario of Indian movies has changed drastically. Since late 1990's, all the directors, script writers and everyone related to a film want to make an impact on the masses. Vijson Ffilms are among them who believe in creating good & memorable movies. Apart from films the production house has also entered the market into Daily soaps (T V Serials) and Advertisements for various channels to create social public awareness, considering the much larger reach of the Television. The production house also acquired distribution rights in the year 2008, for regions, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The aim and objective of the production house are very clear, to make good movies and rule the hearts of the audiences in the year to come.